Bowline Studio

Campbell garage conversion
April 2019 - September 2019
Portland, OR

under construction, winter 2020

Portland is full of old houses with detached, small garages just waiting to be re-imagined into comfortable and bright living spaces. In this project, an existing garage from the 40’s was converted into a conditioned work space and patio for a young family in North Portland.

The foot print of the garage remains unaltered, but outdoor living spaces have been re-imagined to provide a shaded entertainment zone and more engagement with a massive coastal redwood behind the garage.

The interior features the addition of a bathroom and an office workspace. The roof has been reconstructed as a steep gable in order to provide for a generous attic storage space and a striking visual appearance from the exterior. Expansive glazing and skylights provide ample natural light and visual connection to the impressive tree adjacent to the rear terrace.